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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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Increasing the competitiveness of a company by procurement of robot for production of pallets

In accordance with the Call for Proposals KK. Competence and Development of MSAs and Annex 4 Procurement Procedures for Persons Not Obliged to the Public Procurement Act, Toma palete d.o.o. Announces:


Information about the applicant

Applicant's name: Toma palete d.o.o.

Street: Industrijska cesta 16

City: 10360 Sesvete

Country: Republika Hrvatska

Contact person: Tomislav Krpić

Telephone: +385 1 2020 105

E-mail address: info@toma-palete.hr

Project's title: Increasing the competitiveness of a company by procurement of robot for production of pallets

Title of procurement: Supply of Pallet Production Robot, Reference Number: KK.

Description of procurement:

It will be purchased a robot for pallets production consisting of hands for maneuvering and disposal of ready-made pallets, clamping forklifts for receiving pallets and the installation of joining tools, revolvers for nails, rotary working table for preparation / assembling and remaining according to Annex 1. The subject of procurement includes procurement, installation and commissioning of robots, training of robotic worker and service provided in warranty (guarantee) period.

The deadline for submitting bids is 11. of October 2017. Until 8:00 h am . All other information regarding the procurement is contained in the Bidding Documents and Related Attachments, which are available at the following link:

Tender documentation

Annex 1 - Bidding Sheet with Technical Specification

Annex 2 - Statement of Non-punishment

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